• Automatic electrostatic gun GA 5000 EA

Automatic electrostatic gun GA 5000 EA



Low-pressure gun for solvent-based paints

With the automatic electrostatic gun GA 5000 EA, up to 50% material and 20% coating time can be
saved. Furthermore it also offers wide-ranging opportunities in terms of ideal application control in combination with the control unit EPG 5000.

- High application efficiency through soft spray jet
- High coating quality through fine atomization
- Even curves and inaccessible locations can be coated with high quality
- Short maintenance times thanks to easy assembly & disassembly
- Manual or automatic control via external interface

Also available in High Pressure version – GA 5000 EAC (AirCoat);

and Water based version – GA 5000 EAW & GA 5000 EACW (AirCoat)

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