• 2K Smart Mixing and dosing unit

2K Smart Mixing and dosing unit

  • COLORS: Up to 5
  • HARDENERS: Up to 2
  • FLOW MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: WAGNER stroke sensor/ Coriolis flow meter/ Gear flow meter
  • NUMBER OF GUNS: Max. 2 with separate pot life control & separate flushing
  • ATEX: ATEX & non-ATEX version available Connection set up to 50 m
  • DISPLAY: 3.5” or 5.7”
  • ADAPTIVE INJECTION SYSTEM (AIS): For B and C component
  • COMMUNICATION: Fieldbus gateway or digital I/O
  • DATA ARCHIVING: Via USB or LAN connection(in combination with data archiving software)
  • ELECTROSTATIC CUT-OFF: For up to two VM 5000 / EPG 5000
  • MATERIAL PRESSURE REGULATOR: Manual (full pressure when flushing) or digital (flow control)
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Up to 45 m cable, usable in zone 1, with recipe change
  • MATERIAL FILTERS: Inline filters


The mixing and dosing unit WAGNER 2K Smart, optionally with contactless flow measurement, can be used for any application where multicolor 2K or 3K paints are processed. Replacing the mixing and dosing unit WAGNER FlexControl Smart, the WAGNER 2K Smart can be used to process a wide range of workpieces from all kinds of application segments.

  • Consistent mixing ratios - you can choose the ideal flow measurement system for each material and application: Gear flow meter, Coriolis flow meter or WAGNER stroke sensor (indirect flow measurement without material contact, ideal for abrasive materials)​
  • Homogeneous coating results with WAGNER AIS (Adaptive Injection System)
    which adapts the injection of the hardener automatically to changing material flow rates

  • High process reliability by trouble-free addition of a third component -
    no manual mixing effort thanks to automatic dilution and adjustment of the mixing ratio

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