2K COMFORT with two fluid circuits

The WAGNER 2K COMFORT is also available with two fluid circuits that can be operated in parallel. This way, two different materials can be applied simultaneously with only one unit during the cycle of objects that need to be coated. This plays an important role especially for highly reactive materials that need to be physically separated from each other to avoid unit downtimes. With the two-circuit version, each material is provided with its own fluid circuit.

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Extended version of mixing and dosing unit 2K COMFORT

  • Simultaneous working with two fluid circuits leads to time savings
  • Up to 50% shorter cycle time of coated objects in comparison to predecessor model FlexControl Plus
  • Up to 15% lower investment costs compared to two one-circuit units
Technical Data
Power supply
115 / 230 VAC
Supply frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Mixing accuracy
+/- 1%
Mixing ratio
0.1 : 1 – 50 : 1
Material pressure
Max. 325 bar
Flow rate
50 – 7000 cc / min (depending on measuring cell)
Material input
G 1/4″ male thread, 60° inner cone
Material output
1/4″ NPS male thread, 60° inner cone
Components A
Max. 10 per fluid circuit
Components B
Max. 5 per fluid circuit
Components C
Max. 5 per fluid circuit
Flush A
Max. 5 per fluid circuit
Flush B
Max. 2 per fluid circuit
Flush C
Max. 2 per fluid circuit
2 per fluid circuit
Material temperature
+5 °C – +60 °C; +41 °F – +140 °F
Ambient temperature
+5 °C – +60 °C; +41 °F – +140 °F
Material viscosity
20 – 2200 mPas, depending on measuring cell
Remote control
One for each fluid circuit
pH value material
pH 3.5 – 9