GM 5020EAW

Electrostatic manual gun for airspray applications with separating agents and water-based lacquers. Internal charging with integrated high-voltage cascade.


Excellent coating results
The GM 5000 automatic guns offer a soft and homogeneous spray jet for high coating quality and outstanding application efficiency. Typically, 30-50% of material can be saved compared to conventional coating processes.

Flexible applications
Rough environment, intensive usage, different spraying materials and much more is what the GM 5000 range is designed for. The exchangeable hook guarantees low service costs.

Safe working
The GM 5000 gun series complies with CE and Atex zone 1 standards. For maximum safety of the painter, the grounding of the gun is monitored by the control unit. It automatically disconnects the high voltage as soon as the grounding is interrupted.

High surface quality
Innovative nozzles and air caps, specially developed for the perfect combination of optimum droplet size with electrostatic charge for particularly high coating performance and quality.

Strong Performance
The material is ionized by the flexible and durable electrode directly at the material nozzle. Even under extreme loads it keeps its shape and ensures a constant material charge and good handling.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Application Area

Metal Coating, Plastic Coating, Wood Coating

Application Technique

AirCoat, Electrostatic Solvent-Based

Processable Materials

Water-Borne, Shear Sensitive, Sensitive to Moisture

Material Wetted Parts

Stainless Steel


Complies with CE Directive


580 g

Control Air Connection

M G 1/4''

Air Inlet Pressure

8 bar

Max. Sound Level

78 dB(A)

Material Conductivity

1-1 kΩ.cm

Nozzle Size

0.3-2 mm

Operating Temperature

5-40 °C


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