Manual unit SPRINT 60L XE

The SPRINT 60L XE fluidizes the powder in an optional stainless steel container. The EPG SPRINT XE control unit is used to set and store all coating parameters. Combined with the PEM-X1 you get surfaces of high quality.

Manual application system

  • Corona manual gun with an air-flushed high-performance cascade
  • Constant and reliable coating performance
  • Fully fluidized stainless steel container
  • Optimal powder preparation for high quality requirements
  • Clear and user-friendly operating interface
  • For quickly and easily adjusting the coating parameters
  • Up to 50 coating recipes can be saved
  • Ideal for many color and object changes
Technical Data
38 kg
Air inlet pressure range
6 bar – 8 bar
Protection class
IP 64
Input voltage
85 V – 250 V
Max. powder output
450 g/min
Operating temperature
5 °C – 45 °C