PlastCoat 1030


With the WAGNER PlastCoat 1030 spiral pump, all tasks relating to plaster application can be handled efficiently: Plastering (fine and decorative plaster, plaster primer), coating (aerated concrete coating, fillers), bonding/reinforcing (interior plaster, adhesive, reinforcing and tile mortar), filling and grouting (masonry, joint and frame grouting mortar) and casting (insulating and levelling compounds). Liquid wood chip, acoustic coatings, spray fillers and bitumen sealants as well as coarse materials with a grain size of up to 6 mm can also be applied.


• Robust spiral pump technology: 58 kg of weight with a deli-very height of 20 m and delivery radius of 40 m, materials up to a grain size of 6 mm supported
• High-quality surfaces: gentle material feed through the stator via the hose to the spray lance and perfect atomization with compressed air
• Simple operation even for spraying technology beginners: clear control panel, switching on and off via the lance and simple stator removal
• Extremely powerful: 20 m conveying heightand 40 m conveying radius, materials up to grain size6 mm can be processed
• Robust Design: large tires, brushless DC motor and durable mortar hose
• Easy cleaning: all material-carrying parts made of easy-to-clean material and automatic stator removal for easy disconnection of the pump from the suction system

Technical Data

Technical Data

Article Number


Materials Handled

Plasters, Fillers, Flame Retardants, Structural Waterproofing, Adhesives, Sealants

Max. Delivery Rate

10 - 15 l/min

Max. Feed Height

20 m

Max. Delivery Radius

40 m

Operating Pressure

max. 4 MPa


58 kg

Motor Output

2.2 kW


230 V / 50Hz

Possible Suction Systems (Accessories May Also Be Required)



Worm Pumps



Explosion Protection


Max. Grain Size

6 mm


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