Protec 2K 65-110/110

Mechanical 2K system for processing heavy corrosion protection paints and primers. Mixing ratio of 1:1, up to 420 bar and 6.6 l/min. With flushing pump and heater sets as options.


Strong Performance
High performance even with highly viscous material and high flow rate for large coating thicknesses.

Easy handling
Clearly arranged and easy to use, like a normal 1K piston pump.

Reliable supply
Two large containers and the large inlet valves ensure a constant and safe material supply.

Excellent coating results
Exactly the amount of paint needed is mixed. Only those parts of the device (mixer, material hose, gun) that contain mixed material are flushed.

High safety
The pressure display is safely within view. An automatic pressure relief ensures maximum safety.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Application Area

Metal Coating, Protective Coating

Application Technique


Processable Materials

Water-Borne, Solvent-Borne, Abrasive

Material Wetted Parts

Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide, PE, PTFE, Zinc-Plated Steel


Complies with ATEX Directive, Complies with CE Directive

Material Outlet

M G 3/8''

Air Inlet Pressure

1.5-6.5 bar

Max. Material Pressure

420 bar

Volumetric Flow Per Double Stroke

220 cm³

Max. Stroke Rate

30 1/min

Sound Level at 6 Bar Air Pressure

80 dB(A)

Material pH Value

9-3.5 pH

Material Temperature

5-80 °C

Fixed Mixing Ratio

1 :1


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