Topfinish RobotBell 1 / Bell 1S

With the high-speed rotation atomizer WAGNER TOPFINISH RobotBell 1 / Bell 1S, both small workpieces and large surfaces can be coated with high efficiency.


High efficiency
The air consumption is about 20% lower than comparable products. Depending on material, flow rate and workpiece, an application efficiency of over 90% can be achieved.

Optimum coating results thanks to very fine atomization.

Flexible applications
Great variability through individual adjustment of the spray jet with two shroud airs – depending on the requirements of the workpiece geometry, both a large, soft spray cloud and a small, hard spray jet can be generated. Large selection of bell plates available. The TOPFINISH RobotBell 1 is used together with lifting devices and linear axes.

Low maintenance
Minimum effort for installation and maintenance thanks to robust turbine technology and stainless steel components.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Application Area

Metal Coating, Plastic Coating, Wood Coating

Application Technique

Airspray - Conventional, Rotation Atomization, Electrostatic Solvent-Based, Electrostatic Water-Based

Processable Materials

Water-Borne, Solvent-Borne, Shear Sensitive, Sensitive to Moisture

Material Wetted Parts

Stainless Steel, Consistal (Nickel Plated)


Complies with ATEX Directive, Complies with CE Directive


5.1 kg

Max. Material Pressure

8 bar

Max. Volumetric Flow

0.8 l/min

Nozzle Size

0.8-1.7 mm

Operating Temperature

15-50 °C


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