Total K5 Manual Powder Coating Set (Korea)

Tribo manual guns are designed for processing Tribo powders. They offer an excellent loading system, great ergonomics and are very light.

Place of Origin: Anyang City, Gyeongi-do Province, Korea

Brand Name: Total Powder Coating Machine

Model : K5, K5M (Manual powder coating machine, Powder coating machine with cleaning pump.

Substrate : Steel

Weight: 42kg

Technical Data:

Electricial Data:

I. Single Phase : 220V + – 10V

II. Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Gun Specification

I. Input : 24V

II. Output Voltage: Max 100Kv

III. Maximum Current Output: 180Ma

IV. Polarity: Negative

V. Static Type: Corona Discharge

Pneumatic Data:

I. Maximum input pressure: 8kg/ cm2

II. Optimum input pressure: 6kg/cm2

III. Maximum oil vapor content in compressed air: 0.1ppm

IV. Maximum water vapor content in compressed air1.48/N m3

V. Maximum compressed air consumption: 13.5N m3 / h

VI. Temperature range in use: -10C ~ +50C

Manual gun:

I. Gun legnth: 340mm

II. 480g

Automatic Gun:

I. Gun legnth: 400mm

II. Gun weight: 500g