VM 5000

Control unit to drive the electrostatic manual guns GM 5000EA and GM 5000EAC. Adjustable high-voltage, recipe changes, safety monitoring and many other features.


Atex zone 2 compliant
The WAGNER electrostatic control units are Atex Zone 2 compliant and can therefore be placed much closer to the workplace. In this way, the correct parameters can be set and optimized quickly and directly.

Simple recipe selection
Three recipes for nominal voltage and current can be saved. They can be activated directly from the gun or control unit. This activation of pre-defined settings enables the painter to quickly select his preferred working conditions.

Setting of service intervals
Preventive maintenance of the spray gun is recommended for a continuous optimal spray performance. The spraying time of the connected gun can be monitored and a service interval can be set.

High safety
For maximum safety of the coater, the grounding of the gun is monitored by the control unit. If the grounding is interrupted, the high voltage is switched off.

Easy handling
The extremely easy and simple adjustment of all parameters via a single button allows settings to be changed at high speed.

Technical Data

Technical Data


Complies with ATEX Directive, Complies with CE Directive


250 x 180 x 120 mm


2.3 kg

Protection Class

IP 54

Gun Spray Current

100 µA

Gun Spray Voltage

80 kV

Input Frequency

50-60 Hz

Input Voltage

115-230 V

Operating Temperature

5-40 °C