Gun Control Module EPG SPRINT XE

The EPG SPRINT XE is used for manual control of manual and automatic guns. By means of an additional power supply a vibration motor can be connected, which is started by the gun trigger. High-precision air volume and high voltage regulators allow reproducible coating results.


The WAGNER Air Flow Control technology ensures exact powder control. A high-precision closed control loop permanently measures and regulates the air volume during the coating process and thus produces a uniform powder cloud for high-quality coating results.

Easy handling
Clearly arranged control elements allow intuitive handling. All parameters are entered via a central rotary control. The intelligent control system can be adapted to a wide range of requirements by means of a multitude of setting options.

Flexible applications
The EPG SPRINT XE enables results to be repeated at any time. Four recipes can be accessed directly via quick selection. By selecting on the rotary knob, a further 46 recipes can be called up with one click.

Technical Data

Technical Data


Complies with ATEX Directive


200 x 270 x 136 mm


3,300 g

Protection Class

IP 64

Input Voltage

85-250 V


Negative or Positive

Operating Temperature

5-45 °C