Manual unit SPRINT X 3L

With the SPRINT X 3L laboratory set, the powder is prepared and fluidized in a 3 liter container with vibrating table. With the EPG SPRINT X control unit, all coating parameters are set and stored. Combined with the PEM-X1, very high quality surfaces are obtained. Alternatively, the SPRINT 60L manual system can be retrofitted with this set. Small batches can thus be coated with an extremely high quality.


Easy handling
The clear arrangement of the operating elements and the fast recipe adjustment in the EPG SPRINT XE control unit allow easy handling in daily work.

Ideal for small quantities
The set is very compact and is therefore ideal for coating small batches and applications in the coating laboratory.

Robust and mobile
The manoeuvrable and at the same time stable equipment trolley with electric vibrating table simplifies manual coating and ensures safe working even in a rough or narrow working environment.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Processable Materials

Organic Powder Coatings


Complies With ATEX Directive, Complies with CE Directive

Air Inlet Pressure

6-8 bar

Protection Class

IP 64

Input Voltage

85-250 V



Max. Powder Output Per Gun

450 g/min

Operating Temperature

5-45 °C