inoBEAM M8

The inoBEAM M8 delivery pump handles materials based on the “walk principle”. A flexible rubber disc pushes the material to be conveyed through the pump housing and into the material hose. This delivers a considerable benefit: less frictional heat is generated and the material is conveyed very efficiently.

The very fast cleaning and simple maintenance processes keep operating costs low and save time.


inoBEAM M8
The handy 230 V peristaltic delivery pump for liquid and paste-like materials

Benefits at a glance
• Light, small and handy
• For liquid and paste-like materials
• Extremely gentle peristaltic pump technology
• Simple operation
• Very quick cleaning and maintenance
• Variable volume control
• Dry-run safe
• Removable plastic material hopper
• Forward and reverse running
• Can be combined with large containers (drum)

Technical Data

Operating pressure max. 15 bar
Operating voltage: 230 V / 16 A / 50 Hz
Motor rating: 0.55 kW
Delivery rate: 0 – 8 l/min
Delivery range: up to 30 m*
Delivery height: up to 20 m*
Material hopper: 30 l
Dimensions (L x W x H): 600 x 230 x 750 mm
Weight: approx. 28 kg

* Depending on the material consistency


Waterproofing Set – inoBEAM M8