Layer Check LC 1000

Non-contact measurement of the layer thickness of powder & liquid coating directly after application, at a distance of up to 50 cm from the workpiece. This leads to reduced costs, improved quality and process reliability.


Excellent coating results
Significant material savings, as unnecessary overcoating is avoided. This leads to significant cost savings and protects the environment.

Quality control ensures that the workpieces are not undercoated. This prevents rejects and system downtime.

Flexible applications
The Layer Check LC 1000 determines the layer thickness without any problems even on workpieces with curved surfaces, on inner sides and edges, as well as on various materials (metal, plastic, MDF etc.).

Technical Data

Technical Data

Application Area

Metal Coating, Plastic Coating, Protective Coating, Wood Coating

Processable Materials



38 x 51 x 20 mm


16 g

Operating Temperature

5-30 °C


Brochure Layer Ceck LC 1000_EN