Quick Cube

The QuickCube plastic booth is available in four pre-configured sizes. A quick color change is possible due to the PVC sandwich design. Due to their modular design, the manual coating platforms can be individually positioned for pre and/or post coating. The booth has a maximum of 3 gun slots per side. The plastic floor is accessible.


Flexible applications
Due to their modular design, the manual coater platforms can be placed individually for pre- and/or post-coating. The plastic floor is accessible.

Thanks to optimized piping geometry, there is no paint carryover. This enables reliable color changes even with critical powders.

Low maintenance
Booth housings in PVC sandwich construction are powder-repellent (no sintering). Cleaning times are reduced to a minimum.

High surface quality
The avoidance of segregation in the powder circuit enables a consistently high powder quality in the coating process. The uniform suction over the entire booth length also ensures optimum surface results.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Processable Materials

Organic Powder Coatings


2,400 x 2,020 x 2,900 mm

Suction Power

13,000-17,000 Nm³/h